Centro Stella

Centro Stella is an infrastructure which, by connecting to all Acquirers operating in Italy, allows entities and institutions to offer services to citizens associated with payment transactions carried out with electronic tools.

Centro Stella is available to institutions for welfare initiatives that provide for the provision of concessions, reimbursements or claims in favor of citizens.

Thanks to the Centro Stella and the future evolutions of the infrastructure, citizens can have access to value-added initiatives and services provided by the State or a public body, at the very moment they make a payment, without changing their shopping experience. a good or a service.

In Centro Stella all the entities involved in the payment processes are connected. In this way, the following are made possible: on the one hand, joint initiatives between institutions and market operators that favor the spread of electronic money where the use of cash prevails; on the other hand, the implementation of programs that provide for the provision of a credit, reimbursement or claim in favor of citizens in a standard, more effective and timely manner.

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